Flow control valves are used to control the speed and load of an actuator. A bidirectional flow regulator is used to vary the flow in both directions. To allow regulation in one direction only and to allow free return in the opposite direction, a unidirectional flow regulator is used.

These valves are available in in-line flow regulators (unidirectional and bidirectional) and 90 ° flow regulators (unidirectional and bidirectional).

When the actuator is subject to load variations as in most cases, the flow control is ineffective. To overcome this drawback, it is advisable to use a compensated flow regulation valve.

The compensated flow control valve, thanks to the compensator inside it, compresses or releases the spring to keep a pressure difference and therefore a constant flow.

Among the flow control valves we also find the throttle screw which is used to regulate the flow in both directions when precise regulation is not required.

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