The counterbalance valves are balancing valves and are designed to regulate pressure by guaranteeing a certain counter pressure value.

They are used in applications involving the management of suspended loads, such as lifting equipment, winches, excavator arms, and prevent loads from falling due to gravity.

The main functions of the counterbalance valves are, in addition to supporting loads, also controlling the movement of the hydraulic actuators with the load applied and therefore the descent speed. The hydraulic evolution has made it possible to increase its performance, making it possible to use it also in the control of movement, in the safety of the suspended load in the event of a tube break and to dampen the oscillations of the load.

Available in single acting counterbalance valve and double acting counterbalance valve version.

Both versions were also made with a flange connection to allow direct connection to the actuator, these are single-acting flangeable counterbalance valve and double-acting flangeable counterbalance valve.

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