The history of Piotti Oleodinamica S.r.l.

The PIOTTI mechanical workshop is founded


A small mechanical workshop was born. It produces turned screws and bolts, founded by Ernesto Piotti and his wife Angela.

2nd Generation


The very young eldest son Renzo, following the sudden loss of his father, takes contol of the family business. The second generation begins and will last for 60 years. The support of his wife Annunciata in the following years will be a fundamental part for the development and growth of the company.

The small workshop becomes a precision turning shop.


The production hall is expanded. The new challenge is to land on international markets. The number of employees is growing and new machinery is purchased in order to increase production. Production begins for the automotive sector.

3rd generation


His son Ernesto joins the company staff and, after gaining an important and careful technical experience also with important companies in the engineering sector, gets involved and with great stubbornness and tenacity begins to expand his production. In addition to the automotive sector, production also began on behalf of major international brands still present today in hydraulics. His figure will be a fundamental pillar for the growth and development of the company.
In the following years he will be supported and assisted by his wife Lorenza, who will help him to run the company continuously.

Hydraulic sector


Production is increasingly directed towards the hydraulic sector. We begin to devote more to the production of ball valves and related components. New and more performing machines are purchased. The commitment is always greater and more constant. In these years, a small company with its own brand and product catalog operating in the Hydraulic sector was acquired.

Conglomeration hydraulic company


Production is increasingly dedicated to the hydraulic branch and production begins exclusively for its own range of products. The small hydraulic company purchased a few years earlier was incorporated into a single company and unified into a single brand. Attention to quality and production always comes first.

Qualitative perfection research

2001 - 2006

These are the years in which there is more dedication to improving the product and quality. New investments are made in new and highly technological machinery to meet the needs and demands of the ever-increasing market.

4th generation


Serena, Ernesto’s daughter, joins the company starting from the basics and begins to perceive the essence of the product’s craftsmanship. Her presence brings new enthusiasm, a spirit of innovation and a great desire to continue once again to grow more and more and get involved. She and Ernesto lead the company, creating a strong synergy also within the company staff.

Transformation in PIOTTI OLEODINAMICA S.R.L.


The company becomes bigger and bigger and slowly begins to win the trust of customers. The brand begins to be known not only in Italy but also abroad in both European and non-European countries. We continue to invest in quality and product improvement.


2012 - 2019

Over the years, the company has maintained consolidated relationships with customers and suppliers, the relationship that is formed allows it to create a winning network based on mutual trust and respect. New customers are acquired and gradually we become a leader in the hydraulics sector.

New challenge...


Every day we face new challenges without ever forgetting that “the greatest works are not achieved with force but with perseverance and it is thanks to the little things that one can become greater than others“.

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