Quick couplings are used in the agricultural, industrial and construction sectors. They are used to connect two hydraulic lines more easily and quickly.

Being built according to ISO standards, they are interchangeable with the main quick couplings present on the market produced by other manufacturers.

Available in versions with ball seals, particularly used in the agricultural sector (agricultural quick coupling), poppet version (ISO A quick coupling, ISO B quick coupling, push-pull quick coupling).

For applications where oil leakage presents a potential safety hazard for workers, the flat face quick coupling is used. This coupling, in addition to having as one of the main characteristics the ease of cleaning and the very low loss of oil in the connection and disconnection operations, also has an external ring nut including a locking / safety system to prevent accidental releases.

Also available in the push-pull version , which in addition to having the possibility of wall mounting also allows it to be hooked / released with one hand and in the screw version (screw connection , truck screw connection and screw connection for very high pressures).

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